Denim that rocks!

Okay, let’s talk about jeans.

I am a shorty with a very Kardashian-esque booty, so finding jeans to fit me is a first world issue. I’m coming in hot at 5’1 …  5’1 with curves does not make it easy to find jeans.  Typically, I spend about $200 on a pair of jeans, so I decided to see what Amazon had to offer for the trendy stuff I was looking for.  I’m kinda shocked… but I found some ah-mazing jeans that fit me perfectly without being altered for UNDER $50… that’s basically like a unicorn.  I found denim unicorns, so I have to tell the world about my mythical finds!

I’m going to tell you about how they fit, the brand, and give you the links so that you can get them for yourself.

This first pair of jeans is by Eunina, I’m just madly in love with them, and they are only $49.99!  

Click HERE to check them out!  They are just shredded in all the right areas. I love the wash.  I love the fit.  Again, they have quite a bit of stretch in them, so if you don’t like stretchy jeans, you won’t like them.  And I don’t normally buy stretchy jeans myself, but these are great!  For some reason they fit awesome in the butt and they don’t have a huge gap in the waist which is new for me.  They have a lot of stretch so I could see a waist gap happening after a few washes.  But usually, when I buy jeans, in order to get them to fit my butt, I have to have them taken in in the waist because my waist is smaller than my hips. But, these fit perfect. I think it’s the stretch. The stretch just really hugs my body in all the right ways, and the length is awesome on these.  I have not had to have these hemmed at all and typically, I have to have my jeans hemmed. So what I’m saying is these are great for short people.  GET THEM HERE! 

I got another pair, also by Eunina .. and they are only about $30!  Click HERE to check them out!  They are a low-rise relaxed skinny jean and so awesome!  They have stretch, so I would suggest that you size down. They’re pretty stretchy, but they’re also fitted in the right areas. If you don’t like stretch in your jeans, you won’t like these, so be advised.  So if you get them too big, they will definitely stretch out, and you will have saggy butt by the end of the day.  CHECK THEM OUT.


This last pair is my favorite!  

These boyfriend jeans are by Tengo and they’re only $20!  Click HERE to check them out!  I ended up ordering them about three sizes bigger than I normally wear because these jeans run in very small sizing. They are in asian sizing, so they run quite small.  I personally sized up about three sizes and that worked perfect for me.  They do not have any stretch in them, but of course, since they are so over-sized, they do tend to stretch like any denim does after a couple wears.  So, after about 3 or 4 wears I’ll definitely want to wash them so they shrink up a little bit again.  CHECK THEM OUT! 

Now let’s wrap this up so you can get your shop on!!!  

All of these jeans are under $50, so they’re very, very cost effective.  That’s especially handy since they’re all ripped and all distressed.. basically a trendy jean.  Normally I wouldn’t want to spend $200 a piece on three pairs of very similar jeans, because it just makes more sense to spend that kind of money on staple pieces and classics.

Anywho.. hope this helps!  If you end up trying these jeans.. post a pic and TAG ME!!!  I want to see your sassy self ROCK IT!