Natural Remedies for Constipation

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Natural Remedies for Constipation

This one is dedicated to all my constipated friends.

I think there are 2 kinds of people…

  1. Always pooping
  2. Never pooping

You know what I’m talking about!

I have been a category 2 person for the majority of my life.

You know the type… look at us sideways in the morning and we’re not pooping that day.

Now days, if I’m not pooping like a T-REX, something is wrong!

Praise Him from whom all blessings flow🙏

So if pooping problems got ya down, you have come to the right place my friend. 

Today I’m gonna help a sister out and share my constipation relief tips … because being constipated isn’t cute.

Also, go ahead and file this constipation vlog under: Vlogs my mom won’t watch.
There’s getting to be a lot of vlogs in that category😂

The links I promised

Non-toxic ways to relieve constipation that actually work!
  1. Bridget buck

    August 22nd, 2019 at 4:13 PM

    I Go all the time

  2. Donna Wildman

    August 23rd, 2019 at 9:05 AM

    Girl you’re talking my pooping language! LOL
    I have been a constipated mess most of my life too. I know I need a good cleaning out. LOL
    Thanks for the tips.
    Dr Schultz has some amazing pooping products.

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