Best Workouts for Travel

When it comes to working out while you’re traveling, you can pretty much say goodbye to luxurious, long, or convenient workouts.. but you don’t want to skip your workouts all together. That only leads to you feeling rundown, bloated, retaining water, putting on a few pounds, and just feeling blah when you get home. A lot of times, people will skip their workouts because they don’t know how to fit them in, but there are a couple tricks that I have that work for me every time so that I am able to get my workouts in, even with a hectic travel schedule!

For me, the best workouts when I’m traveling are going to be a full body HIIT workout (high intensity intervals) or a Tabata.  The reason why those are so beneficial is because they are quick and they trigger not only fat burning, but they also trigger muscle building to an extent.  It’s a win-win!
For a Tabata, that means you’re going to do 20 seconds of as intense as you can go followed by 10 seconds of rest. You’re going to repeat that until you have been working out for eight minutes.  Yep, tabatas done CORRECTLY should only last 8 minutes.  The trick is that you MUT be going as hard as you possibly can in those 20 seconds.. like you could not possibly go ANY harder in the 20 seconds of work.  If done correctly, you will NEED the 10 seconds rest even in this very short workout.  BONUS… In Tabatas, you can burn up to four times as much fat as you can in traditional workouts!  Here’s one of my FAVES!!!

Now the same thing is true of a high intensity interval workout, but the way that I do these for travel is by incorporating strength! So I will incorporate pushups, squats, lunges, etc.   A lot of people see high intensity interval trainings as cardio workouts, but I use that opportunity to BUILD STRENGTH as well.  For me, a high intensity interval training session will be with each exercise being about 45 seconds long followed by 30 seconds of rest.  I do one exercise for 45 seconds followed by 30 seconds of rest, and I will repeat that from anywhere from 15 minutes to 20 minutes, depending on how much time I have and taking my energy level into account. What that means is, including your warmup and your cool down, if you do anywhere from 7-9 drills, that will give you a 15 to 20 minute workout.  And again, the reason why these are awesome for travel is because they are short and effective.
BUT – my biggest trick of all is using Beachbody On Demand for my workouts and live streaming them from my iPhone or my iPad!  This is major because it allows me to work out in the gym, or work out in the room, or in the hotel staircase, or outside!   It allows me to stay on whatever program I am doing, because it’s portable and I can take it with me while I travel.. it allows me to eliminate ALL the excuses for not having time or knowing what to do, AND it also allows me to invite other people to do it with me!!!
When you are traveling, a lot of times you’re traveling with other people.  If the people you’re with aren’t used to working out, they can feel intimidated by a workout, or you can be tempted to skip your workout because people are there in the room with you.  Using Beachbody On Demand is such a great tool because it allows you to invite people to do it.  I mean, what are they going to do?  Just sit there and watch you do it and watch the screen?  Probably not!  They’re probably going to either want to get up and do something, get up and leave the room which gives you the ability to work out in private (lol 😉 ) , or they’re going to want to join you which is my FAVE!!
One last tip about traveling WITH people … if you are sharing a room with someone and you’re going to do a workout, be kind and pick a workout that THEY might like to do.  Pick something that they might enjoy. If they’re not someone who works out, you can give them the gift of seeing that workouts can be fun and something that they might really like to do by trying something new!
Moral of the story, the best workouts for when you’re traveling are going to be the ones that are short and intense. There are so many amazing interval training workouts on Beachbody On Demand.  I’m madly in love with Core De Force right now, because who doesn’t want to feel like a badass?!