Best Exercise for a Round Booty

Everybody wants to know what they can do to tone their booty. But everyone has been told that squats are the way to do it.  Just squat more.  More squats. I’m here to tell you, squats are NOT the #1 way or the #1 exercise to get the round booty that you want.

Here’s why…

First, squats are most often done incorrectly.  So most people end up targeting the front of the leg.. which is definitely not what you want.

What so many people miss is that the reason why they can’t develop strong glute muscles or a very round toned booty is because they are “quad dominant”.  It’s ok, most women, myself included, are quad dominant and don’t even realize it.

But here’s what’s important to know… Squats will over-develop your quads.

Last I checked, people don’t want big bulging quads, they want a round, high, tight booty!

Having said that, what is the best exercise to get a round, tight booty?

Glute bridges.  Glute bridges ACTIVATE the glutes, and DE-ACTIVATE the quads!!

Doing glute bridges and the many variations thereof are the best way to target the part of your glute muscles that give you that high, round, tight booty.

  • There’s the standard glute bridge.
  • Then there’s a one-legged bridge.
  • Then there’s the one-legged bridge with elevated leg.

You can also do bridges with your back and neck elevated or you can do bridges with your ankles on an elevated surface such as a bench or a chair or something like that.

There’s many different ways, many different variations to do glute bridges, but the bridge is the number one exercise to get a round, tight booty.  It targets the leg just under the crease of the booty which is what gives you definition and separation between booty and hamstring.  It also targets all of the muscles in the glute to give you the rounded lift WITHOUT your quads overcompensating and taking over!

I’m telling you, I was doing squats all the live long day until I learned this method.  I had a flat butt until bridges came into my life.

How many?

What I recommend is incorporating many different variations of glute bridges at least three times a week. One day, do glute bridges with just body weight, but do a ton of reps until failure. Then two days later, hold heavy weights on your hips and do a small number of reps but until failure.  (side note: failure is when your form starts to fail OR another body part starts to compensate)

How often?

It is best to target your glute muscles specifically three times a week because they are a very strong muscle.  I recommend giving at least one day of rest in between, take 2 days if you’re super sore.  You can still incorporate other training and workouts in addition to your bridge routine!