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What the heck is “gut health”?

I’m sure you’ve heard at least some talk about “gut health” these days.. maybe you’ve heard of “leaky gut?” Bottom line- everything starts in your gut.  It’s command central, the base camp for your body, the starting point that will make or break your health… so why wouldn’t you want to take care of it?  Maybe because […]

How I plan my weekly workouts

I don’t plan much. I fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants 99% of the time… it just keeps life more interesting that way!  BUT the one thing I will not go into without a plan is..  my workouts. It’s important to plan out my workouts for the week because, let’s be real, if I don’t it gets left to chance […]

The trick to lasting weight loss

How many years has “lose weight” been one of your New Year’s Resolutions?  Weight loss is the number one goal for so many people every year, yet some people treat it like an impossible thing to achieve. I’ve been there before. I’ve made those resolutions and said “This is it, this is the year.” I’ve stood in […]

In a funk?

I’ve been in plenty of funks so I know.. it’s not a good time.  I’ve been in funky holes so far down I didn’t even know how to begin to get myself out of them, but I’ve found there is always a way out.  Over time I’ve learned how to get myself out of funks […]

Something’s gotta give

If you don’t like where you’re at in life — whether it’s your health, finances, career… whatever! — the only way things are going to change is if you do something about it. It’s so simple, but so hard at the same time. Not everyone likes change, not everyone wants to do things differently. But unless you […]

How do you get motivated?

If you’re looking for motivation to get you off the couch and started on your workout, I have to tell you something… the motivation is not coming for you.  I repeat, it is NOT coming. You don’t just get motivated.  DISCIPLINE COMES FIRST. As a person who was never into fitness, who would much rather […]

Before you start another diet…

If you’re thinking about starting a new diet, can I hit you with the pause button and ask you one question: is it sustainable? If your new diet has you eating only egg whites, chicken breasts and asparagus, I can guarantee it’s not sustainable. You might drop quick pounds up front, but you’ll also end up […]

The key to lean, toned arms

I bet if I asked any one of you where your trouble spots are you would tell me they’re either in your abs or your arms. I’m not an ab expert, but I CAN tell you a thing or two about working out your arms! 😉 So what’s the secret? How did I get my […]