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Energy Eats – Stir Fry!

Before I really understood nutrition I always loooooved having “dirty chinese” .. ya know, the kind you can find in any shopping mall across the country, lol! Yeah.. not exactly the epitome of health.  But hey man, when you don’t know, you don’t know.  And when you know better, you do better!  So when I […]

5 tips for a badass brand!

I coach people in business – and the fastest thing to trip people up and even stop them from launching their business is their “brand”.  I totally get it, I think every new entrepreneur fumbles around their brand because they want to stand out and be unique.  I mean when I first started I was […]

Superfood “Cookie Dough” Blizzard!

True life.. if you think eating “healthy” or “clean’ is boring or doesn’t taste good.. you’re straight up doing it wrong homie!  Case in point, my Superfood “Cookie Dough” Blizzard that tastes like a total cheat but has more nutrients in one glass than most people get in an entire day!  Heck, more than most […]

DIY Dry Shampoo!

Haven’t found a dry shampoo that successfully combats all the mcNastyness you want it to?  I feel ya homie.  Might I suggest you give this all natural DIY a shot!!!  It’s super simple, only 2 ingredients that you can find easily, AND some of my peeps have found it lasts longer than regular dry shampoo […]

I’m doing something scandalous…

I’ve decided to do something scandalous. I’m taking a rest WEEK before my next bootcamp starts. (gasp!) Why? Because I’m listening to AND respecting my body, and it’s asking to be taken care of. My body is my tool. I need it to fulfill passions, purpose, to reach people, feel strength, have fun, dance, go […]

Get The Look!

This weekend the hubs hijacked my calendar!  All of the sudden I got a notification that said “Date Night. Dress Up. Leave the house at 5:45pm”.   As much as I love spontaneity ..  I’m super glad he hijacked my calendar.. Otherwise he would have come home to a wife with ZERO make up on, hair […]

Superfoods Snickers!

Superfoods that taste like a snickers is a real thing…   This is my non-negotiable. This is how I start every day.. by filling my belly with veggies and superfoods that taste like a DQ blizzard! #winning This right here, this is the way the girl who used to face plant into Krispy Kreme’s broke her sugar […]

Cajun Shrimp Pockets!

Summer, summer, summertime Time to sit back and unwind…  Give me Will Smith and a summertime grill sesh any day! These Cajun Shrimp and Veggie Pockets are soooooo easy and soooooo freaking delicious!!  Literally the hubs and I had to negotiate who got to eat the leftovers.. epic!   Here’s what you’ll need: Wild Caught […]

My everyday, 5 minute look!

Have you ever opened a Youtube make up tutorial only to find that the entire face was going to take at least 30 minutes, 10 of which are spent solely on perfecting the shading on their upper lip?!  (jeez Napoleon 😉 )   Yeah, me too.. and I immediately close them .. cuz homie ain’t […]

[UPDATED] No such thing as Adrenal Fatigue?!

A few weeks ago I had a chance to sit down with my personal mentor, Ari Whitten to talk about ‘Chronic Fatigue’.  Ari is one of my favorite people, and one the most brilliant minds of our time when it comes to energy and the science behind it.  Besides myself, he’s the only one I’d […]