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Morning Ritual

Having a morning routine is such an easy way to make a positive change in your life..  especially if you are struggling with a thyroid issue, your morning MATTERS. How you start your day will set the pace for the energy you’ll have throughout your entire day, the calm that you want to feel, and the peace […]

Heart rate!

If you are dealing with a thyroid issue or adrenal fatigue – and are stressed out to the MAX because you can’t lose weight even though you’re working out everyday, continue reading because I’m about to drop some knowledge!  I’m pumped to share with you how I manipulate my heart rate to get the most out of my […]

Happy Margarita Day!

Happy Margarita Day, sassy senoritas!!  I’m not a huge drinker (I did my fair share of that on the road, lol) but I cannot say no to a good Margarita, and this bad-boy I am in LOVE with!  It’s sooooo delicious, even the hubs loves it!   I’ve added some grapefruit for an adrenal friendly […]

4 secrets to living a fulfilled life!

So many people today are suffering with a serious deficiency that affects every area of their life.  I’m not talking about a nutritional deficiency, but a deficiency in passion and fulfillment. In my opinion the loss of passion and fulfillment in life robs you of every joy and strength. With so much opportunity and possibility […]

411 on Natural Thyroid Heath

While I was walking through a field today, I couldn’t help but remember a time when I could barely make it through that same field without feeling like I was going to collapse. When I was first battling my hypothyroidism symptoms, I had days when my energy was totally and completely zapped. One day in […]

Energy Eats is HERE!

Dude.. it’s here.  Energy Eats is HERE!!! This book has been such a labor of love for me.  It is my passion to share the secrets I’ve learned about gaining energy with the people I have the opportunity to mentor and coach… Energy Eats is going to take that to a whole other level. Energy […]

Core De Force Pilot Party!

Ya know when something is just meant to be?  Yeah.. that’s how I feel about this new MMA workout I’ve been trying called “Core De Force”.  Dude.. it’s so freaking fun.  I feel like I’m in a straight up street fight while I’m doing it – so. bad. ass.   Kickboxing is my first love of […]

Booty work..

I freaking LOVE working out.  I mean, most days I literally can’t wait to get my sweat on!  Leg/booty day is a whole other breed of work out though.  Every single week it makes me straight up NERVOUS!  But the way I see it… if I want a booty like JLo I’m going to have […]