90 Days to a Rockin’ Biz

So one of life’s greatest challenges is this… everyone wants more money, but nobody wants to work more. I totally get it – this life is meant to be LIVED. Too many people spend all their time working and forget to make a life.  They work hard and yet they never have time OR money to take their kids on vacations, learn something new, spend time with their family, etc.  That’s why I do what I do. To have the FREEDOM to live my life.

I want to show you how you can increase your monthly income in less that 2 hours/day.. Not even kidding!  The reason I know I’m not kidding is because I’ve done it!  AND might I add, the greatest thing about those 2 hours – you get to fit it in your schedule where it works for YOU!  Even if you need to break it up into 15 minutes here and there, that adds up quick!
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This blog is going to be broken up into 3 month-long segments. YES- 3 MONTHS. This is not a get rich quick scheme. Homie don’t roll that way. This is a SUSTAINABLE and PROFITABLE business model.  

Each month I am going to give you a FOCUS and an ACTION item, as well as a daily checklist!

However before we even get started, you have to know the most important element of all of this is a POSITIVE ATTITUDE.  It’s easy to find excuses and a list of reasons why something won’t work, in fact that’s what most people do and that’s why they live a life that they aren’t exactly thrilled about.  The truth is that the most successful people are positive thinkers and FIND a way to make the “ish” happen.  So if you find yourself thinking negative thoughts .. you better check yourself before you wreck yourself because I can’t hang with people with a bad attitude.  I’m telling you now, this is not going to work if you’re a Debbie Downer.

One SUPER IMPORTANT element to success in business is WORKING FROM A LIST.  Lucky for you, I’m giving you the starting list!

Month 1- Fundamentals & Foundations

Ok, let’s do this.

This first month is all about learning and setting yourself up for greatness!  

>> Your first action item for month 1 is to set aside 1-2 hours to map out your plan for your business.  When are you going to work it? When are you going to answer messages, etc?  This stuff isn’t just magically going to happen, and you’re not going to miraculously FIND time for your business, you have to MAKE the time.  So it’s important to set up working times from the beginning!  Remember, we’re doing this for FREEDOM, not to obsess, not to stress, and not for perfection. That’s why you need a plan and a schedule.  

>> The other first month action item is to learn.  All of it.  Learn about the products you’re offering, how they fill a need for your clients/customers, and best practices to do so.  People are going to ask you questions, and I don’t believe for one second that you need to know everything, but you DO need to know why YOU use something.  People don’t care what the “stats” say or what your “pitch” is.. They only care about how a product or service made a difference in YOUR life.

Oh, and your daily checklist for month 1:

Post to social media once per day, consistently.  Your posts should be purposeful. They should tell your story and show people how your life is better now. Remember- people buy real, results, how your life is better – NOT products. They don’t give 2 shits that you’re selling something. What they DO care about is the fact that you look good now, or that you feel good in your own skin. I like to use the app UNUM to plan my social media.  It helps me to see what pictures I’m posting and write a post along with it.  Plus it’s awesome to make sure that you’re not posting the same thing all the time.

Read a personal development book.  The world is a negative place, and it’s 100% up to YOU to fill your head with the good stuff.  I’m not a reader, but I read multiple books per month because I NEED to replenish my mind and my spirit.  Just one scroll of a facebook feed alone can crush someone’s previously sunshiny day, but not mine!  Your mind is your most powerful tool and it’s up to YOU to strengthen it DAILY. Ideas include reading books, listening to podcasts, or audiobooks.  Some of my favorites are Entrepreneur Rollercoaster, Jab Jab Jab Right Hook, Compound Effect, and anything by John Maxwell.  

Workout.  Get it in 3x a week.  Don’t try, get it in.  Sweating, moving, feeling good, feeling accomplished, having confidence, and taking care of yourself physically shows up in your business.  Treat yourself like the CEO of a multi-million dollar business.

Eat Healthy.  Because #duh.  It matters.  Why should others treat themselves well if you’re not willing to?  Why would your client trust you to take care of them if you don’t take care of yourself?  They won’t.

Why are working out and eating right on the list? Because taking care of yourself is a form of self respect, not just to you, but to your future client.  Act like you are worth it and they will believe they are too.

Month 2- Turn Up the Volume

So now that you’ve hit month 2 and you really know some shiz,  it’s time for the remix.  It’s time to take everything you’ve learned and make it your own, make it work for YOU and your brand/style.

You’ve been checking off your “to-dos” for a full month so now it’s time to do more.  Now you need to begin your focus on content creation and generating traffic.   “Build it and they will come” is crap.  They WON’T come.  People have to KNOW about that shiz.  And not only do they have to know about it, they have to see it an average of SEVEN TIMES before they take action!

SEVEN TIMES.  So that post you spent an hour writing, stressing over, and nervously posting… yeah, not many people are going to see that the first time so there’s no sense in stressing.  That page you were so hesitant to create and then finally did.. Yeah, no one is coming to LIKE that bad boy unless you SHOW UP!  Focus on turning up the volume on your voice (meaning, SHOWING UP DAILY)

First I’m going to talk about content creation. “Content creation” may seem scary, but it’s really not.  What I mean by that is just planning what your posts are going say!  You know this stuff backwards and forwards already… all you need to do is think about how you want the reader to feel? What do you want them to do?  And then put it into words!  If it helps, record a voice memo and then type it out.  There are no rules except the rules you put on yourself.. So just do what you need to do to get your voice across really connect with your client.

Now let’s talk about generating traffic. ………

>> Action item: listen to 2 training calls/week

If your business doesn’t have training calls, podcasts and youtube are amazing resources for that!  Just type in business training and see what comes up.  Chalene Johnson is my personal mentor and she has an amazing podcast!  Lewis Howes and Zach Spuckler are also awesome.  

>> Action item: create a like page on Facebook

Don’t make this hard, it’s super simple.  And don’t try to get super creative with a name, just keep YOUR name.  You are who you are, and your business is an extension of YOU.  If you’re nervous about starting a page because of what your friends might think or say, you really need to question why you’re in business.  In truth, if what other people say is going to hold you back, you’re not cut out for entrepreneurship… yet.

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>> Action item: Go live!

Don’t argue with me, just do it.  It doesn’t need to be anything earth shattering, just do a quick 5 min. LIVE broadcast.  It’s NOT a big deal so don’t make it one.  Just think of one helpful tip and share.  Keep it short.  HOWEVER, put some make-up on and think about the background of your broadcast.  If you have a messy kitchen and you’re going to film it there, do the dishes.  If you’re going to film it in the living room and the kids toys are everywhere, move them out of the way.  Act like you care about your business and how you represent it.

>> Action item: Boost your live!  

Get more eyes on that gorgeous face!  Even just spending $5-$10 to boost a Live broadcast helps to get more eyes on you and allows people to get to know what you’re about.

Items to add to your daily checklist:

Cultivate relationships. You want your followers to feel like they are your friends!  Take time to get to know the people who LIKE your posts and comment on your posts by interacting with them.  You don’t need to know each of them personally, but taking time to make them feel special will have a direct effect on your business.

Invite 1 person to join you daily. This is non-negotiable.  How are you supposed to build a business without people?  You’re not.  You have to invite at least ONE person to come along for the ride with you DAILY.  If you’re not inviting people to work with you that’s just like opening up a restaurant in a back alley and locking the door so no one can get in.  That’s dumb.  No one would do that.  So don’t do that.

Month 3: Selling out the show

This is where it all comes together.  This is what dreams are made of, people. Hard work and perseverance!  Remember how we started posting in month 1?  And then when I was talking about month 2 activities I mentioned that people have to see something SEVEN times before they take action!? I’ve set you up for success here, so don’t miss that.  Because if you’ve been follow what I lay out, your interested parties SHOULD see what you’re up to and want to be a part of it!  It’s a beautiful thing and that’s the beauty of social media… we’re social creatures. Curiosity keeps us coming back and that desire to be a part of something makes us take action!

So the major action item this month is to host your first challenge group!  This is going to be so fun and so easy.  But first you need to really take some time and think about what you’re knowledgeable about and/or what you’re passionate about.. And then I want to to list out 3 things.  Don’t over think this.  Typically the things people want to learn from you the most are the very things you think are too simple and too easy, so you overlook them.  Think about what people ask you about all the time?  Think about the little tiny things you do every day that save you time, save you money, make you feel good, make you more efficient, help your family, keep your sanity, etc.. even the tiniest thing is HUGE for someone else.  

Remember, your client is only about 3 steps behind you.. So think of where you were not too long ago!  Do a brainstorm to get the juices flowing!

Now list your 3 things.







Got them? Perfect. Now choose one of those topics to be the “theme” of your group. Start planting the seeds of this theme in the first month.

>> Action item: enroll 3 people in your challenge group

Think about THEIR needs. How can you help THEM? Why would they benefit from your group?  DO NOT be shy about placing great value on what you offer!  You are a business owner, businesses don’t run on free and favors.  So I recommend having a “minimum requirement” to be a part of the group.  Also, remember that not everyone is going to do it.  Hearing “no” is not a bad thing!  Some people will and some people won’t… who cares!  You just do you!

>> Action item: start promoting your NEXT group

Look at the calendar and figure out when you want to post and HOW you want to invite people to be a part of it.  People are typically more eager to hear about new opportunities Sunday evening-Wednesday evening.. Thurs, Fri, and Sat. they don’t care.  So I wouldn’t recommend posting anything about your group on the weekend.  Leave that for the week days and reserve the weekend for what I call “lifestyle” posts.. Aka: posts that get people dreaming about possibility and what could be!  Also, if you draw a blank, look to other pages and businesses for inspiration.  No need to reinvent the wheel here, people.  If you see something that inspires you, use it!  Just tweak and change it to sound like YOU and be in your own voice.

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Items to add to your daily checklist:

Add an additional social media post/day.

Post in your challenge group. Show up daily for the people who are trusting you with their time.  You don’t need to post anything revolutionary, but sharing your knowledge and what you have learned with them is why they are there!  Place value on your experience and theirs and you will create a lifelong client!

So there you have it. Everything you need to CRUSH your online business in the first three months. At the end of your challenge group, make sure you take time to evaluate what worked and what didn’t…  make some tweaks & carry on!  Remember, you have to be willing to learn, grow, and roll with it if you’re going to make it as an entrepreneur.

So now I guess the real question is… how are you going to spend that extra money?!