4 secrets to living a fulfilled life!

So many people today are suffering with a serious deficiency that affects every area of their life.  I’m not talking about a nutritional deficiency, but a deficiency in passion and fulfillment.

In my opinion the loss of passion and fulfillment in life robs you of every joy and strength. With so much opportunity and possibility in the world today, it can be overwhelming to even get a clear line of sight on what you want to change or what you are missing out on.

Not only that, with all of the noise and nay-sayers in the world, the majority of people are just trying to make it through the day without feeling like a loser.   They are sacrificing their time by working a job that doesn’t fit them, giving their life away to their cell phones instead of being present with their families, and spending the majority of their day thinking that everyone else has a better life than them.  Basically, people are throwing away precious days and memories because they’re lost in a fog and have bought into the lie that they no longer have the courage or strength to change their life!

Today, I hope to change all of that.  I want to help you know what it takes to find your passion and find fulfillment in your life!  I’m going to give you my secrets to living a passionate, purpose-filled, badass life that you love!

Here are my 4 most powerful tips to regaining your passion and fulfillment…

 1. Set Goals that require God

You can’t just wish for something to happen or something to change because it never will.  You have to set a goal, something specific you are going to actively work towards, and in my opinion if you want to live truly fulfilled that goal needs to require God’s help.  What do I mean by that?  Well, if you need the help of the creator of the universe, the goal must be a DOOZY!  Setting a big, fat, scary goal  – something that requires God’s help to accomplish, can only lead to more fulfillment, more passion, and more excitement!

Too many times I see people either just sitting around waiting for an amazingly purpose filled life to fall into their lap (which is NOT going to happen) OR I see people setting goals that are like #duh.. that was going to happen anyway.  Setting a goal for yourself that requires God’s help a game changer.

2. Work Towards Balance

A life without some sort of balance is a life without some sort of fulfillment.  However, I don’t believe that perfect balance in life exists.  I believe that you just have to work TOWARDS living a more balanced life every day.  We all have super long “to-do” lists, but we all need to take time to rest and rejuvenate too.  However.. so much of what I see people doing is just comparing themselves to other people all day long, or hanging out with “friends” who drag them down, or wasting time precious time sitting in front of the TV instead of LIVING.  Ask yourself, what are YOUR priorities.  Mine are my faith, my family, my health, and my purpose.

So how does that translate into balance for me?  Well, I am a super creative person and naturally an entrepreneur so it’s hard for me to shut my brain off.  I keep myself in check (in balance) a couple different ways…

  • I only turn on the TV twice a week and that’s to watch a movie with my hubs while I cuddle with my pups for our “family fun nights!”  That leaves me extra time for the things on my to-do list.
  • I don’t keep “friends” who are anything less than positive, encouraging, full of integrity, honesty, and are trying to be their best.
  • Instead of sitting on the couch, I take 3 15 minute “play dates” per day with my pups to re-energize myself and to make time for my priority (family) 
  • Dinner time means cooking in the kitchen with music playing and catching up from the day
  • I start each day with 1 hour of bible and prayer time
  • I am a former over-exerciser so I also incorporate yoga 2 times a week.

3. Put Down Your Damn Phone

But for real.  You don’t really want to give your life away to an electronic device, do you?  You don’t really want to be sitting in the same room with your husband and have nothing to say because you’re too busy being a voyeur in other peoples lives, do you?  You don’t want your life to go by and you miss it because you had your head down scrolling Facebook to see what everyone else was doing.. I know you don’t.  Listen, I’m not judging you even slightly.. I have been a slave to my phone many times so I know what it’s like and how hard it is to put the crack down.  I LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA.. I love love LOVE it!  It’s how I’ve met thousands of people, it’s how I’ve built my businesses, it’s how I’ve kept in touch with friends.. all of it.. so I get it.  However, it does not need to rule your life.  Again, I believe we have to work towards balance.  So my challenge to you if you want to live a more fulfilled life.. put your damn phone down and LIVE!  Check your social media a couple times a day and post about the awesome life you’re out LIVING!


4. Get a Success Sister 

Success Sisters are LIFE.  Success Sisters are friends who don’t buy in to your excuses, but they challenge them.  They aren’t scared to make you uncomfortable by pushing you out of your comfort zone, they want your success just as much as their own, and they have their own priorities in line.

Success Sisters DO NOT gossip, nay-say, OR talk bad about their husbands or children.. EVER.  Basically Success Sisters are people who push you to be better, to go for your goals, and if you fall on your face they are NOT there to baby you or pick you up.. but to say “so what, get up and try it again!”

Almost every single one of my Success Sisters live thousands of miles away, and we don’t talk daily, but if I need a push they are there… and they will CALL ME OUT if I get off course.  Having this type of person in your life brings an overwhelming amount of passion, strength, confidence and fulfillment.  It’s easy to have people in your life that drag you down, are too scared to change their own lives, complain about their circumstances, and are always gossiping and talking about other people… but that type of person isn’t welcome in the life of someone who is driven by passion, purpose, and living a fulfilled life.