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Date Night With Me

I got a text from a friend the other day that said  “SOS. I need your help.  I need to change my diet but I’m afraid you’re gonna tell me I have to give up margaritas and tortilla chips”.

… To which I replied “I would never tell you that.. I’m a GOOD friend!”  But for real tho!  Having FUN and loving FOOD isn’t “bad”, there’s a thing called balance and another thing called living.  But you don’t have to faceplant into crap food to indulge.  On date night, Levi and I throw DOWN… pizza, margaritas (both super clean and healthy) music, sooooo much laughing, the works!  It’s a full on party for two – check out our Date Night Throw Down HERE!

In this episode… 

  • Watch me make His & Hers PIZZA!
  • Discover the ingredients Levi uses to make AMAZING Margaritas!
  • Find out the TWO foods I would have with me on a desert island.
  • Learn how to test your zinc levels. (strange I know, lol!)

This pizza recipe along with my homemade crust can be found on page 55 of Energy Eats.

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