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Thyroid Warrior Success Story

Everything happens for a reason.

I am oh sooooo human, so when I first started my battle with Hypothyroidism I did the typical thing and had quite a few “why me?!” thoughts and “poor me” moments.  Thankfully my pity party subsided after I got a GRIP and remembered that everything happens for a reason.  It was then that I decided I was going to figure out how to UNDO whatever this thyroid thing was, and when I did, I was going to help as many people as I could do the same thing!

Funny thing about helping other people, it always seems to give every struggle you’ve ever been through PURPOSE.

So pardon me while I do a little bit of bragging on one of my rockstar students and real life #thyroidwarrior, Rachel!

Rachel is an author, a wellness expert in her own right, and she is BRILLIANT.

Just 3 months ago she jumped head first into my Thyroid Jumpstart 2.0 and has CRUSHED it!

Below is what she had to say, and I gotta say.. she had me ugly crying at the end…

Rachel R.

Tell me a little bit about how you used to feel VS how you feel now, just 3 months into 2.0?

Rachel: I was falling asleep at my desk at work. Literally—I would have to get up and try to discreetly jump around in hopes of getting myself awake. I was too tired to do normal activities like go grocery shopping and emotionally felt drained. I had difficulty absorbing nutrients from my food; even though I ate a fairly good diet, I was still low in iron, even while supplementing.

I knew I wasn’t absorbing nutrients well because my iron was chronically low, as was my vitamin D, on intermittent blood tests despite taking therapeutic doses. I also ate an iron-rich diet. My doctors kept looking at my nutrition journals and then my lab results and shaking their heads—they couldn’t figure out why someone with my healthy diet would continue to be so low on my blood tests.

I had cut way back on riding my horse because I couldn’t muster the energy to saddle her. Horses have been my passion since early childhood and I adore my sweet girl. It was devastating to feel so tired I didn’t even brush her. At my children’s sports events, I could barely sit still because I wanted so much to lay down—yet my heart wanted to be there for them. If they needed an errand across town, it felt monumental. I actually didn’t realize how bad off I was until I came out of it. I kept attributing it to stress and poor sleep, but the problem was much bigger than that.

Now, I am energized. My kids tell me I’m a “machine” and also compared me to our rambunctious 3 month-old kittens. I feel like I am on fire. My blood tests no longer show iron deficiency, either, and I have reduced the Naturethroid prescription amount.

What was your biggest fear before starting Thyroid Jumpstart 2.0?  And did it come true? 

Rachel: My biggest fear was that it wouldn’t work. I have been hammering away at my thyroid issue for a few years, under a naturopath’s care. I just couldn’t find the right mix of what I needed and felt like we were blindly guessing.

I’m glad I took the risk! I am still working pieces of it out, but I have the tools I need to continue to heal.  My weight finally began shifting down (I’ve lost 9 lbs so far). I had my hope restored. Now, I know I don’t have to live fatigued and taking handfuls of supplements every day (that weren’t helping because I couldn’t absorb them).

Eeeek!!  That’s so awesome!  What was your favorite part of Thyroid Jumpstart 2.0? 

Rachel: Erin. The videos made me feel like she was really there, holding my hand, feeling my pain. I still remember the one where she said when we feel weak and tired to lean on her. Let her carry the load. Wellness can be so isolating—and it’s funny, because my side hustle IS a wellness business, and yet, there *I* was, struggling and it made me feel like a failure. Having her brightness, her videos each morning, made me feel like I finally had a friend who understood the struggle.

Keep in mind—I “knew” much of the information Erin shared, but the difference was it went from a medical journal report or a discussion with my naturopath—to having a real person say, “I did this and it worked. Let me guide you.” Because it doesn’t happen overnight. And when you feel like you are just trying random things, you don’t stick it out. My naturopath told me two years ago to walk, but I didn’t do it. He couldn’t articulate to me his own experience with it working—he just book-knew it was supposed to be good. So, I wrote it off. Walking is a huge key for me.

I also loved the depth of the program. This was not a heal-fast-but-not-really program where one feels like they threw away a few hundred dollars on fluff. This was THE REAL DEAL. This was comprehensive. And, I loved how it doled it out in small bits—because wellness is a big process and I think many of us who have tried in the past tried to start out of the gate doing everything, go overwhelmed, and gave up. Several times.

If you were to recommend TJS 2.0 to your best friend, what would you say?

Rachel:  If you are ready to feel better, it’s time to decide. To dig in and know it won’t always be easy, it definitely won’t be linear, but it will move you closer and closer to energy and vitality. You will love the energy from Erin, the support in the group, and no longer being isolated.



It really doesn’t get better than that.  Proud, excited.. neither of those words can describe how I feel about the life you’re creating for yourself, Rachel.  I just adore you!  Thank you sooooo much for sharing your story with the world so they too can find hope in our victories!



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