10 most common questions about thyroid health

From the beginning to the end of my thyroid recovery process, I’ve made it my mission to research and learn and share everything I was learning about thyroid health and healing with others.  That’s what gave my struggle a purpose!  If I wasn’t hell bent on helping other people make it through, I don’t think I would have fought as hard as I did.

When I was diagnosed, I felt alone, embarrassed, a little pissed off, and all that put together is a pretty gnarly feeling.  So if you’re dealing with thyroid issues, you need to know that you’re not alone, homie. We are in this together! 

So let’s discuss…

These are the most common questions I’ve been asked about thyroid health recently…

1. What causes hypothyroidism?
There is always a TRIGGER, so if you’re dealing with Hypothyroid or Hashimotos, you need to identify your trigger first so you can begin to UNDO it.

But there are typically four main causes of hypothyroidism …

1. Nutritional deficiencies

2. Intestinal permeability (leaky gut)

3. Inability to deal with stress (this was my trigger)

4. Inability to get rid of toxins.


2. Why do lab tests come back normal but I still have all the symptoms?
A normal range for thyroid issues is obscenely large!  In fact, it’s just dumb.  To put it in numbers, a normal thyroid range is said to be .5 to 5.0. … while  Optimal range for thyroid-stimulating hormones (TSH) is between 1 and 2.  If you’re on either side of the optimal range, you’re going to have symptoms. That’s why you can be in “normal range” but still feel like crap.


3. Does intermittent fasting affect your thyroid?
True intermittent fasting actually puts more stress on your body. For people with normal, full-functioning metabolisms, the results from fasting can be great. However, people with thyroid problems will be more stressed, creating more cravings.  There is definitely an ideal eating window, but to go full on IF would most likely be detrimental.


4. Why is leaky gut relevant when it’s my thyroid that’s the problem?
It all boils down to the gut-brain connection. If your gut isn’t healthy, you’ll have weight loss resistance, digestive issues, toxic overload, and nutritional deficiencies. With leaky gut, you’ve got a case of toxins that aren’t leaving the body and are instead recycled into the blood stream and stored as fat cells. Then you find yourself struggling with other issues like an excess of estrogen, food sensitivities, inflammation, joint pain, fatigue, brain fog. Basically, you won’t be able to heal your thyroid if your gut is wrecked.


5. Why did my medication work before but it doesn’t now?
You can trick your body for a moment, but eventually it gets hip to your fake out. Medication is like a bandaid. If you don’t fix the underlying issues, you’re just going to end up right back where you started. That’s why most people have to up their meds as time goes on.


6. How do I reverse a thyroid diagnosis?
It’s not just one thing, it’s a process.  That’s the point of Thyroid Jumpstart 2.0… to give you your energy back, help you lose weight, sleep better, and improve your quality of life. Once I started doing the very things I teach in 2.0, my symptoms went away.


7. What’s the best way to work out with a thyroid issue?
Focus on short but strong workouts. Cardio is only going to stress you out and make things worse. I like to keep everything under 30 minutes, including warmup and cooldown, but I make sure it’s intense.  If you’re just starting out on your recovery, walking and yoga are going to be the best exercise.


8. What probiotics do you recommend?
Probiotics are LIFE, but they’re not all created equal. I’ve tried a ton of different ones but my favorite is Floracore GI. Check out my recommended products page for more info.


9. How do I correct hair loss caused by hypothyroidism?
It’s a combination of reasons why your hair starts to fall out with hypothyroidism, but it’s typically due to nutritional deficiencies and stress. When your body isn’t getting what it needs, it goes into survival mode and your hair is not a priority when your body is trying to preserve itself. Plus it takes a lot of energy to grow out. Focus on relieving that stress and getting the appropriate nutrients in your body to reverse hair loss.


10. Will Thyroid Jumpstart 2.0 help me even if I don’t have autoimmune problems?
YES! I can’t think of one person it’s not for. Everyone can benefit, in fact, I have had numerous clients apply who don’t have a thyroid issue just because they want to live an optimally healthy life.  There are principles I teach that really help you take control of your health and boost your energy, even if you don’t struggle with thyroid issues.